Improving Employment Opportunities for People on Autism Spectrum

It can be tough for people on the autism spectrum to find and keep jobs. One of the main reasons is that they may have trouble with communication and social skills, which can make it hard to understand what bosses and coworkers want. Some people with autism are also sensitive to things like noise and light, which can make it even harder to work. 

The IVEA project aims to ask people with autism what they think is missing in their training. They believe that in addition to academic stuff, they should also learn practical things like how to interact socially, manage daily life and be independent. The project teams up with universities, autism associations, professionals, and NGOs from Europe to make a European Guide for training people on the autism spectrum to get good jobs. 

The guide was made from two types of training courses. One was for people with autism, and the other was for people who may employ them. After the training, the participants worked together in a final internship for people with autism in the organizations mentioned earlier. 

At the initial stage, partners undertook a literature review to identify best practices in relation to employment. Here you can find a report detailing examples of practical applications of the courses and internships provided. 

As a part of the project, the IVEA app was developed for Android devices and could be installed on smartphones and tablets. It had an adapted version of the European Guide and multimedia content like graphics and videos. The app had two versions, an easy-to-read one for people with autism looking for a job, and a typical one for possible employers.